Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Promote my products and YOU can earn up to 32% commission!

You can earn money promoting my designs to your friends, family and colleagues, on your own blog or website, even through your social networking activities. I am an artist and amateur photographer who designs and sells products through a website called zazzle. I'm going to show you how my designs can make you money.

How can YOU take advantage of this to earn money?
Zazzle is an international POD (print on demand) company that has been around for several years. They have over 350 product types and thousands of designers, at this point zazzle boasts a massive 28, 816, 589, 585 products to choose from. They operate directly in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Portugal and France. You or anyone else can register at zazzle and become an associate; you don't need to open a store or design any products yourself, you don't need to carry any stock or deal with any sales. Once you are registered, zazzle gives you a referral number and when you tag that onto my store or product links you receive commission on any sales resulting from that referral.

Here is a link to one of my products:

And here it is with a referral code:

In this example, both links take you to the same product page (go on, give it a try), but if you were to make a purchase with the first link then I would get no referral commission, with the second link I would earn at least 15% commission. Once you have a zazzle account, you can have your own referral ID on any link - any store, any product.

Once someone clicks on a link that contains your referral code, you receive commission on all purchases that are made during that visit not simply on the product contained your original link. Zazzle also operate a volume bonus scheme so the more sales that you refer, the higher the percentage commission you will receive.

To automatically create a link for any product on zazzle, you simply need to be logged into your account, then on the product page below either the product image or the customisation box click on 'link' and you will be provided with URL (as above) and html links containing your referral code. You can then use the url/html as an email signature, tweet it, add it as a facebook comment, include it in your own blog or website. To make creating links even easier, you can use this Referral Link Button. Once you have saved the button to your favourites, you can drag it onto your browser bar and use it on any zazzle store or product page.

Here is how the html code may look on your website:

Zazzle even creates custom flash panels for you where you can select products by seller, keyword or product type or any combination of the three, you can even select whether to use popular or recent items. Here is a flash panel containing only t-shirts from my store:

Shop for a personalized gift at Zazzle.

Ways to Promote.

The URLs, product html or flash panels can be added to your blog, as a link on facebook or a comment on myspace, used as tweets to notify your friends of something cool you've found through zazzle, or even simply as your signature in emails and on forums.

You can even create you own online 'store' using your favourite items from several sellers, where products actually appear on your website but the purchases are made within zazzle. There are lots of options out there for free web hosting (, and are just a few).

See these demo stores:

Get Nouveau

If you are on facebook, zazzle has an app called 'my merch store' - see their page here. From your zazzle account, simply click on the associates tab and on the left-hand menu select 'Merch Store on Facebook' and you will be automatically taken to the application where you enter your zazzle account details. You can then add as many or as few zazzle sellers as you want and friends can browse and purchase items right from Facebook, earning you commssion as they do.

Myspace and many other social networking sites allow you to add flash panels and this is another great way to get more products seen without cluttering up your profile page too much.

If you already blog, you can add one or two zazzle links containing relevant products into your posts. If your blog is about weddings, add some links to wedding invitations or favours. Or if it's about girl stuff add some html like this:

Cool Chick shirt
Cool Chick by ArtformTheHeart
Create customized t-shirt on

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Of course you don't have to promote my products, you can choose anyone's products to promote, but if you found this post useful then please consider adding some of my products to your selection. Thanks and happy earning!!